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Executive Meetings: are held on an as needed at:
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Cypress Hills Division - General Meetings

Cypress Hills Division monthly General Meetings alternate between the communities of Redcliff (RC Legion) and Brooks (RC Legion) commencing at 1900Hrs.
As both Legion kitchens are now operating, most attendees treat this as a supper meeting in order to support, each respective Legion Branch, as they do not charge us for the use of one of their meeting rooms.

When the meetings are scheduled for Brooks, Redcliff/Medicine Hat members meet at the RCMP Detachment, at 1745Hrs., and car pool to the meetings.

The months of July and August do not have a meeting scheduled.



2019 January 10 General Meeting Brooks
2019 February 13 General Meeting Redcliff
2019 March 13 General Meeting Brooks
2019 April 10 General Meeting Redcliff
2019 May 08 General Meeting Brooks
2019 June 12 Social Redcliff - TBA
2019-07-17/18 2nd Annual Inter-Division Social Medicine Hat's Comfort Inn & Suites - Host Venue
2019 September 11 General Meeting Brooks
2019 October 19 General Meeting Redcliff
2019 November 13 General Meeting Brooks
2019 December 11 Christmas Social Redcliff  (Venue TBD)

2020 Jan 08 General Meeting Brooks
2020 Feb 12 General Meeting Redcliff
2020 Mar 11 General Meeting Brooks
2020 Apr 08 General Meeting Redcliff
2020 May 13 General Meeting Brooks
2020 June10 Social Redcliff (Venue TBD)
2020 Sep 09 General Meeting Brooks
2020 Oct 14 General Meeting Redcliff
2020 Nov 11 General Meeting Brooks
2020 Dec 09 Christmas Social Redcliff (Venue TBD)