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Cypress Hills Division
Start Up History

In latter part of 2008 and early 2009, the police veterans’ community in the Medicine Hat area lost 4 members - all RCMP Veterans.

In the absence of an existing formal support group ready to step in on short notice, it was rather hectic locating serving RCMP members, RCMP veteran members; as well as veterans and members of other agencies to say farewell to friends and colleagues.

Contact was made with the RCMP Veterans Associations, Calgary and Lethbridge Divisions and assistance received. Probably because of short notice and our location, we were only able to get a small amount of involvement, on each occasion.

Several of us spoke of the benefits of having our own local Division of the RCMP Veterans Association. To be there when needed, providing support to the family, an Honour Guard at memorial services, ensuring insurance policies are processed, benefits do not lapse and proper transfer of entitlements to the members’ survivors, etc.

Additionally, a local Division would be able to support colleagues and communities with dedications, presentations and other celebrations- even providing a Ceremonial Guard if requested.

With this in mind, RCMP Veterans Association HQ Ottawa was contacted for the requirements of establishing a new Division. We learned that some conditions applied:

- a minimum 25 Veteran eligible members for Active or Life Memberships
- acknowledgement of veteran members of other Divisions that they are willing to join the new Division
- acquiescence of surrounding Divisions.

We located approximately 70 veterans in the area.

Veterans were invited to attend an organizational meeting on March 24th, 2009 to discuss the formation of a local Division. There was considerable interest. Interim Executive positions were filled, a steering committee formed, and suggestions what should the Division be named if the current designation of Cypress Hills Division (only a working name at the time) was not accepted.

Very shortly after, 36 retired RCMP Veterans signed up and the name Cypress Hills Division was chosen.

At the RCMP Veterans Association AGM in Whitehorse (May 29th, 2009) the new Cypress Hills Division was accepted. In September 2009, nominations were made for executive positions. On October 28th, 2009 the elections of executive officers was completed and Cypress Hills Division was presented its Charter by members of Calgary Division.

On December 2nd, 2009, shortly after Cypress Hills Division was formally recognized, our interim President Ernie Bruch (Reg. No. 17310) transferred to the Great Detachment above.